Angela Netzke


Welcome to my little corner of the Web. This is a site for featuring my projects.

Bomb Run

The first project I published on was Bomb Run, an arcade-style game. It was a challenge to myself to get a game finished and published after practicing with the Unity game engine. I put it together in about a week and learned more about Unity as I did so.

Lab Escape

For my second project, I decided to develop a game with puzzles for the player to solve. In Lab Escape, the player’s goal is to operate a teleportation device in order to escape the evil scientist’s lab.

Legend of the Melodious Mule

I decided to expand my skills by learning the monogame framework. I created a roguelike named The Legend of the Melodious Mule. The player must travel through 10 levels, fighting zombies along the way, to find a bugle rumored to belong to the legendary Melodious Mule. It was fun to create a roguelike because one of the first games I played as a child was Rogue. The level layout of The Legend of the Melodious Mule was inspired by the layout of Rogue.