Angela Netzke


Welcome to my little corner of the Web. This is a site for featuring some projects I have developed. More of my work can be found on Github.

Bomb Run

The first project I published on was Bomb Run, an arcade-style game. It was a challenge to myself to get a game finished and published after practicing with the Unity game engine. I put it together in about a week and learned more about Unity as I did so.

Lab Escape

For my second project, I decided to develop a another Unity game with puzzles for the player to solve. In Lab Escape, the player’s goal is to operate a teleportation device in order to escape the evil scientist’s lab.

Legend of the Melodious Mule

I decided to expand my skills by learning the monogame framework. I created a roguelike named The Legend of the Melodious Mule. The player must travel through 10 levels, fighting zombies along the way, to find a bugle rumored to belong to the legendary Melodious Mule. It was fun to create a roguelike because one of the first games I played as a child was Rogue. The level layout of The Legend of the Melodious Mule was inspired by the layout of Rogue.

Chromatic Corridors

Chromatic Corridors is an endless puzzle game where the player navigates a maze by matching color-coded keys to the corridors to traverse. I used Unity again for this project.

Advent Calendar

Using the HTML5 canvas, I created an Advent Calendar where each day reveals a Christmas-themed photo. The calendar is only available in December. The photos were taken from Pexels.